Luis Vazquez Summer Programs

Every summer, Lideres del Futuro Avanzando hosts 30 middle school Latinx youth and 30 high school age Latinx students to prepare them for college. During the Luis Vazquez Summer Programs, these youth learn about mental health, career planning, basics of finances, scholarships, dual enrollment at Santa Rosa Junior College, and much more. By participating in the finances workshop, youth open an account at Redwood Credit Union and they receive a $100 into a savings account that is monitored by their parent or guardian. The first step towards generational wealth, begins with understanding how money works. Your support will go to cover the expenses that also include providing snacks and other resources for these participants. Thanks for your support.

Scholarship Fund

  1. Lideres del Futuro Avanzando provides three memorial scholarships to honor those who have given so much and to promote higher education.
  2. The Leo Jimenez Carreño are scholarships for Latinx high school graduating seniors and college students at Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University, regardless of immigration status. 
  3. The Mike Garcia scholarships are in honor of Mike Garcia who worked at Santa Rosa Junior College for many years and was always willing to support students’ dreams. Mike mentored hundreds of students who went on to pursue their dreams. These scholarships are for Latinx high school graduating students as well as students at Santa Rosa Junior College and Sonoma State University who are undocumented.
  4. The Dr. Maria Hess scholarships were created to honor a wonderful scholar, psychotherapist and mentor. Dr. Hess was one of three individuals who created Humanidad Therapy and Education Service in Sonoma County. Her dedication to the Latinx community allowed her to create programs that today teach therapists how to best support Latinx clients. Culturally appropriate therapy is essential for the Latinx community. For this reason, these scholarships are for individuals who are pursuing a career in mental health, regardless of their immigration status.

Immigration Fund

  1. Every year, Lideres del Futuro Avanzando provides support filling out DACA renewals and Advance Parole that allows individuals to temporarily leave the U.S. for humanitarian reasons. One of the challenges that these community faces is the inability to pay the $495 to renew their work permit and the $575 to be allowed to temporarily leave the country. We also have some individuals who finally are able to obtain status in the U.S., but can’t afford it. Lideres del Futuro Avanzando is starting a fund that will allow us to assist individuals to benefit from economic support on a case-by-case basis.
  2. In collaboration with local immigration attorneys, Lideres del Futuro Avanzando also conducts free immigration consultations several times a year. Depending on the size of the event and the number of volunteers, Lideres del Futuro Avanzando may need to pay to rent space and other fees. Your donation is always appreciated and welcomed.
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